On the Journey

Cindy focuses on people who are hurting. She sees each person as a miracle in the making. Focusing on the four dimensions of life - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, she strives to help each client find balance. Cindy will be your journey mates and problem solver. Using faith-based insight and a variety of effective counseling skills, she helps clients as they work to reach their full potential.

Cindy Johnson, MS, LMHP, CPC

Phone Number 402.616.4411

Lincoln Office
4949 N 26 Street
Lincoln, NE 68521


Transforming lives emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually.

Cindy Johnson is a Christian counselor serving the Lincoln and Omaha metro areas. She creates a safe environment for all participants by helping to build trust in oneself, respect for self and others, and honest and transparent relationships. Mrs. Johnson offers a variety of counseling programs including individual, couple, and group therapy.

Additional Services Offered
Cindy is a fun, energetic, motivational and passionate Christian woman. She offers additional services outside the office which allow her to do what she does best...entertain and have fun.

  • Consulting
  • Seminar Presentations
  • Women's Events